Wild Goose Festival

Welcome to the Tata Wild Goose Festival where we greet the geese the that arrive from far way in the northern tundra. The Festival is a weekend treat all nature lovers, with thousands of wild geese taking centre stage in a spectacle of sights and sounds.

The Festival takes place by the Old Lake, a special and important resting place for birds which remarkably is almost totally encircled by Tata, the “City of Waters”. Here, natural and culture are intertwined: at the heart of the city, right on the lake shore is Hungary’s most important „water castle” and the shoreline is hugged by walking paths with perfect spots for bird watching.

We look forward to meeting you at this festival of wildlife and people.






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The journey has started!

The journey has started!

The first bigger flock of goose have arrived at Tatai Tavak Ramsar area on this weekend.  800  Greyleg Goose and 4.200 Greater White-fronted Goose were counted. Among them there were 2 individuals globally threatened, strictly protected Red-necked Goose. First in the...

Report on the 18th Wild Goose Festival

One and a half weeks after the event, we will summarize this year’s experiences.

XXI. Wild Goose Festival


Number of roosting geese on Old Lake at Tata




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