All You Need To Know

Dear Guest,

 Here is some useful information about the 2022 Wild Goose Festival:

The main events take place on Saturday, November 26th.

As the Festival is mainly an outdoor event be prepared for late November weather. Although in previous years it has been mild and quite favorable, it is still best to wear waterproof clothing and waterproof and comfortable footwear.
The Fesitval site is best approached from the Builders’ Park (Építők parkja) from the main road No. 1 (GPS coordinates: 47.6385; 018.3396). There are some parking spaces in the park itself, and in surrounding streets.

Local bus transportation timetable:

Some birds can be watched in the lake-bed during the day, so it is useful to always have binoculars and/or cameras with you.

The roosting geese fly out from the lake in the morning and return in the late afternoon, but exact times are hard to predict – an eagle, or sudden sound or light effects can disturb the birds prompting them to fly at any time. However, if you want to be sure to see the morning flight of the geese, it is a good idea to reach the lakeside by 7am. The arrival of the first returning flocks is usually from 3:30pm.

Meals, snacks and beverages are available on site from several catering vendors, with a wide variety of steaks, pies, scones, sandwiches, special teas, beers and wines on offer. Of course, we aim to keep litter to a minimum, so feel free to bring along your own cutlery, thermos, cup and the like, to reduce the waste burden on our local environment!

All waste is selectively disposed of. The event is concentrated in a relatively small area and the collection containers and bins are always close to hand (located in the middle of the coastal promenade).