Bird race

A Bird Race has been held annually at the Festival and has proved a highlight! Besides being fun, the aim is also to collect data on the birds of the Tata area taking advantage of the large number of birdwatchers present at the event. The competition will run from 6am to 6pm on Saturday, taking in the area of ​urban ​Tata and the Ferencmajor fishponds and the River Danube at Almásfüzitő and Süttő, and areas in-between. A map of locations and a species checklist, will be provided to participants. The race will begin and end at the bird watching tower by the Festival site. Race registration is at the same place.

Teams should consist of 3 members, accompanied by a 4th passive observer whose name should be entered in the provided team booklet. The observer must maintain his / her „passive” status throughout the competition, meaning he / she will not be involved in finding and deciding upon any species and cannot assist the team in any way.

Részletekért kattintson ide


– Adult (over 18 years) Category I-III.

– Youth (under 18) Category I-III.

(Prizes: Traveling cup, books, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Varies in value and content depending on placing and category.)


Special prize (paintings):

„The best bird species of the Festival” – will be awarded to the finder of the most important species from a nature conservation point of view.

„The most interesting bird species” – is for the rarest species found.

„The most colored-ring scanner” – will be given to the team reading the most ornithological rings.


Important to know

In each category, winners will be announced only if at least 5 teams have entered their race list at the end of the competition.


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