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27 November 2021.

Tata Old Lake, birdwatching tower in the Építők Park

Organizer: Komárom-Esztergom county Local Group of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society, Duna Ipoly National Park Directorate, Száz Völgy Nature Conservation Organization 

Patron: József Michl, mayor of Tata awarded the title „Wetland City” at the world conference of the Ramsar Convention in 2018

Guest of honour: a PannonEagle Life project!

Focus of the event: Action against bird poisoning

From 15 November 2021 onwards live broadcasting with two cameras of the wild geese on the Old Lake will be available at the website!

Dear Visitors!

Please be informed that in accordance with the government decision to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is also in force for the Wild Goose Festival, one may visit the closed area of our event by presenting a certificate of protection and an official identity card. A non-Hungarian or a Hungarian citizen who does not have a Hungarian address may visit the event by presenting the EU Digital Covid Certificate and official identity document. Persons under 18 may enter the closed area without having a certificate of immunity accompanied with an escort who must meet the above conditions.

Thank you for your understanding!

26 November 2021 (Friday)

„Presentations” next to the main tent

1700     Star gazing of the autumn sky using telescopes if the sky is clear – MCE Tatabányai Amateur Astronomy Club and the TIT Posztoczky Károly Observatory and Museum

Special room of the Malom és Kacsa Bistro, Cafe and Event Centre

1930     Describing the 12-hour birdwatching competition – Károly Lippai

1945     The fascinating birds of paradise of Papua New Guinea – Szabolcs Kókay

2030     Birds of Colombia – Szilád Cser

27 November 2021 (Saturday)

Tata Old Lake, birdwatching tower in the Építők Park

530       Registration of participants for the national birdwatching contest in „adult” and „youth” categories

600       Start of the 12-hour birdwatching contest

From 700          Watching thousands of geese taking wing! One may follow what happens with the geese while Zoltán Orbán interprets the event

815       Opening ceremony of the 21st Tata Geese Festival: József Michl mayor of Tata, András Füri director, Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate, Gergő Halmos Ph.D., director, Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation

845       Here we are! Wild goose migration in Hungary. Reporting from other wetlands of international importance

1000     Woodpecker-watching trip to the so-called Tófarok with Gerard Gorman and Gábor Ónodi – Meet at the bird ringing stand!

1000     Masters of adaptation – animal show with Gábor Tóth

1030     Local history walk along the shore of the Old Lake with Gábor Ballabás Ph.D., and Attila Czumpf – Meet at the bird ringing stand!

1130     Falconry demonstration – Zoltán Krekács horseback falconer

1300     Poison detection dog demonstration – Gábor Deák and Hella

1530 – 1630       Watching of the arrival of wild geese to the roosting place from the lakeshore – Narrated by Zoltán Orbán

1800     Closing of the 12-hour birdwatching competition

Programmes for children will be held in the large „Children’s programmes” tent.

1100     Buggy show for children

1400     Bird quiz for kids with János Kardos-Horváth, singer of the Kaukázus band

1500     Show by the Hahó band

1630     Nature experiences: guests of Árpád Juhász PhD: Dávid Klein and Szilárd Suhajda expedition mountaineers

Lectures and film screenings are held in the large „Lectures” tent.                                                

930       Learn about our woodpecker species and their conservation status. Introducing the bird of the year 2022: Green Woodpecker – Hungarian Woodpecker Group of MME/Birdlife

1000       Birding paradises in the neighbourhood – bird habitats of Fejér County – Gergely Kovács

1030       Book signing and presentation of the Madárbarátok nagykönyve “Big Book of Birdlovers” – Zoltán Orbán

1100       The current situation of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in Hungary and the – Márton Horváth Ph.D.

1130       The protection of the Tawny Owl – Gábor Szalai

1230       The protection of the Little Owl – Dániel Hámori Ph.D.

1300       The protection of the Long-eared Owl – Ágnes Kovács

1330       The Eagle Owl and its status – Attila Bereczky

1400     The protection of the Barn Owl – Klein Ákos Ph.D.

1430       The protection of the Ural Owl – Attila Bereczky

1500     Raptor poisoning in Hungary – Gábor Deák

1530     Presentation of the PannonEagle Life project – Márton Árvay

Malom és Kacsa Bistro, Cafe and Event Centre – special room

1930     Results announcement – 12-hour birdwatching competition

2000     Birds of the Philippines – Riezing Norbert Ph.D.

2100     Namibia: From the Namib Desert to the Zambezi – Ádám Faragó

All-day programmes:

  • Bird ringing (at 800, 900, 930, 1030, 1130, 1400)
  • „Cincér” (Beetle) Playhouse: creative games in the large „Children’s activities” tent
  • Birdwatching through telescopes
  • Nature conservation consultancy
  • Book signing: Madárbarátok nagykönyve (Big Book of Birdlovers)
  • Book singing: Identification and conservation of the owls of Hungary
  • Book signing: „Szűzvártól a Tikmony-völgyig – Pátka természeti kincsei”; „Csókakőtől Daruhegyig – Fejér megye madárvilága”; „kisKÓCSAG – Fejér megyei ökológiai és természetvédelmi évkönyv”
  • Presentation of the activities of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society at individual stands
  • Száz Völgy Nature Conservation Organization’s stand: nature conservation programmes, local activities in Komárom-Esztergom county
  • Bird and nature conservation tools
  • You are home here! Tourist programme recommendations, information
  • Scopes and binoculars testing
  • Birdwatching for children, bird memory game, presentation of mYnest nature photographer playground
  • Stand of nature conservation books, publications and bird paintings
  • Advent Fair: craftsmen, farmers and folk artists

The organizers reserve the right to make changes!

The event and all its activities are free of charge!

Please, bring your own cups, dishes, plates to reduce the ecological footprint of the Wild Goose Festival!

It is forbidden to stay in the lake bed during the event!

In the entire area of the Old Lake as a registered Ramsar Site the undisturbed rest of the birds is ensured by the official apparatus of the Nature Conservation Ranger Service!

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