Fireworks-free new year’s eve in tata

The spectacle of fireworks on New Year’s Eve often lasts only a few minutes, but it is often a very loud event, so much so that birds that are disturbed can they flee up to 100 km away! On New Year’s Eve 2017/2018 a firework dislay drove away all the birds that were roosting on the Old Lake. What had been a magical bird-filled lake at Christmas, with lots of wild-geese, was silent in January.

Wild geese arriving from far away in the north often have to endure many threats during their long journey to Tata, but it is likely that none can be compared to the shock they received by New Year’s fireworks that year in Tata.

Subsequently, Tata became the first Hungarian city where New Year’s Eve fireworks were specifically restricted for nature conservation reasons. On the initiative of BirdLife Hungary (MME) and a local Nature Conservation Association (SZVTE), in October 2018 the local government issued a decree prohibiting the use of fireworks in most parts of the city between November 1 and February 28.

Silent New Year

Restricting fireworks for New Year’s Eve is only effective when keep people are aware of it – so please pass on the message and help protect the unique world of wild geese in Tata and refrain from setting off New Year’s Eve fireworks. Help keep Tata „Wild-Goose City”!